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Planting materials supply


plantation establishment and management

We believe that improved planting materials are the best inputs to the forest plantation that guarantee quality and market matching forest products

Good site selection is one of the most important decisions to be made when considering planting trees for commercial use since tree species prefer certain climates and soils to grow successfully.

Using its capable and experienced foresters Ubora delivers plantation establishment and management service which meets the technical requirements. In this service, the following are included but not limited to land acquisitions, land preparation, and planting, weeding, pruning and thinning.


Forest valuation

Forest valuation

plantation business planning

Forest verification is delivered to our clients to counter balance their little/low technical knowledge about forestry and in response to their tight schedules which limits them from visiting their farms after task accomplishment.

This is the comprehensive inventory of a forest and the compilation of a technical description (valuation survey and map) of stands of timber, and the determination of the stands’ age, the reserves (quantity) of timber, and the growth and volume of individual trees and parts of trees.

Ubora delivers business planning to its clients which enables them to forecast on their investment in forestry.